Midwesterners in the Sierra Nevada

This is a collection of reports on various hikes a group of not entirely fit Midwesterners have made in the Sierra Nevada. I find reading reports of other people's trips helps and sometimes amuses me, so perhaps others will be similarly assisted by these. I have stopped backpacking. Age does catch up with one.

My own “first summer in the Sierra” dates back to 1972, when I worked at Tuolumne Meadows Lodge in Yosemite National Park. I was slow back then. Forty years did not increase my hiking speed. Still, I enjoyed it, and lured a variety of friends to join me. Most of them are still speaking to me.

Group Photo

Intrepid Mountaineers, August 2010


July-August 2014: Llamas across Northern Yosemite July-August 2013: The Humphreys Basin

August 2012: The Emigrant Wilderness

2011: Cancelled due to snowfall. I was not willing to face the mosquitos.

August 2010: The Hell for Sure Pass area

August 2009: South of Mammoth Lakes

August 2008: The Emigrant Wilderness

August 2007: West of the Minarets

August 2006: The Pioneer Basin

2005: Southern Yosemite

2004: The Silver Divide

2003: The Thousand Islands Lake Area

2002: The Miter Basin

2001: Return to Bear Lakes

My own favorite source of information on the Sierra is High Sierra Topix, where someone will know just about anything there is to know about hiking in the Sierra.
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