University of Dubious Internet Studies


The mission of the University of Dubious Internet Studies is to serve and honor those who read something somewhere on the Internet and who spread it helter-skelter on all possible social media.

The motto of the University: “They wouldn’t have put it on the Internet if it wasn't true.”

The University grants diplomas to deserving web surfers. Recipients are listed here.

The University also awards personal visual memes to assiduous users of that dubious art. There is a long list of recipients.

The University issues occasional press releases on matters of importance.


Professor Joel Adams: Dean of Redundancy and Professor of Irreproducible Studies

Professor Joel Adams earned his P.H.D. (ile-pay it-yay igher-hay and-yay eeper-day) in Flimflammery from The University of Northern Antarctica. His 9000-page magnum opossumus, “The Role of Repetition in Rhetoric: If They Aren’t Convinced, Say It Again Until They Are” broke new wind in writing.

Professor Dr. Randall Bytwerk: Co-Chancellor and Professor of Nonsense Studies

Professor Dr. Bytwerk is widely known for his penetrating insight into and practice of the nonsense arts. His numerous publications include an article in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Professor jur. doc. Daniel Hoebeke: Professor of Jurisprudential Mendacity

Professor Carl Plantinga: Co-Chancellor and Professor of Uninformed but Supremely Confident Opinion (UBSCO)