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Hello, I'm Randall Bytwerk. I'm a retired professor at Calvin University with an interest in propaganda. As part of my scholarly work, I maintain the German Propaganda Archive, a collection of English-language translations of propaganda material from the Nazi and East German eras. I buy a lot of material to translate, some of which I list for sale here when I am finished with it. I also buy stacks of things to fill in the gaps in my collection, leaving me with duplicates.

Newer items are listed first.Postage costs are for the U.S. International postage will be higher.

If you wish to buy an item, have questions or would like more details, drop me an email. My e-mail address is:

Conditions: I accept payment by check or through PayPal. My account is my e-mail address.

I do my best to describe items accurately. If you buy something and feel that I have not done so, I shall refund your purchase price. I'll adjust the postage should you find several items you'd like.

Items for Sale

I have 63 German issues of Signal, a glossy illustrated Nazi monthly, printed in over 20 languages. I have a collection of 63 issues for sale:

1940: 13, 14
1941: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23/24
1942: 1-22
1943; 2-5, 7-24
The conditions range. All are complete, but some have loose pages or covers. Some of the war time paper is crumbly. To my non-expert eye, I'd put their conditions this way:
Poor: 12
Fair: 28
Good: 23
Together, the issues give a remarkable view of German wartime propaganda. All issues together: $1100, shipping included.

Goebbels and National Socialist Propaganda: 1925-1945 (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 1965). Usually I offer only books from the Nazi period, but I have a second copy of this excellent, if early, book on Nazi propaganda. Bramsted lacked access to many sources that have since become available, but he did good work with what he had. The condition is good. Price: $20. Shipping: $3.00.

Reichsarbeitsdienst Gau History: This is a remarkable volume — a hand-crafted history of the Nazi labor organization along the Rhine. It has to have been produced in a very limited edition. It consists of descriptions of labor activity in the various districts in typical Nazi verbiage, with typography ranging from type to elegant script, along with lots of illustrations, maps, and more. It was issued around 1935. This is an unusual book. It is in very good condition. Rare Price: $250. Shipping: $6.

Eugen Hadamovsky, Blitzmarsch nach Warschau. Frontberichte eines politischen Soldaten (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1940). Besides the book below, Hadamovsky wrote a number of other popular propaganda books. This one is an account of the events leading up to, and during, the Polish campaign. No illustrations, one map. The book is in good condition. Price: $18. Shipping: $3.50.

A page on the red and blue books on the Nuremberg Rallies, published from 1933-1938. I currently do not have any copies for sale, but the page may be of use to those interested in the volumes.

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