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 #30 (April 2002)


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2002 EGSA Conference in Montréal: 12-15 September

The call for papers for the 2002 cconference is available. Plan on attending what may be the final gathering.


1998 EGSA Proceedings Appear

After more work than they probably expected, the proceedings of the 1998 EGSA conference have appeared, edited by Laurence McFalls and Lothar Probst. The title: AFTER THE GDR: New Perspectives on the Old GDR and the Young Länder (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2001).

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Conference Announcements and Reports

Otzenhausen Conference: Die DDR Zwischen Mauerbau und Mauerfall

The first Otzenhausen conference was held in 1988, and they have been annual events since 1995. The conference is something of a German "Conway," for those who remember the New Hampshire gatherings. Otzenhausen is about as far in the woods as one can get in the Saarland. The conferences are well organized in pleasant surrounds with good food and plenty of opportunity to enjoy an evening glass or two of beer and conversation.

This year's gathering drew about 100 people, mostly from Germany, but also from the UK, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and other neighboring countries. I was the only American, though two others had planned to attend. The conference alternates between plenums and four sectionals, which this year focussed on the political system, the society, foreign poitics and the unification process. As usual, it drew many of the top GDR scholars in Germany, as well as political figures and former KGB generals. The opening addres was by Lothar de Maizére.

Next year's conference will run from 7-10 November 2002. It is a conference worth attending. I'll post information here as I learn of plans for next year. (Randy Bytwerk).


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Miscellaneous News

Call for Articles on the East German Transition to Democracy

I have been officially commissioned to edit a symposium issue for the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. The general topic of the symposium is "The Former East Germany: A Difficult Bureaucratic Transition From Communism to Democracy." As editor I have the authority to commission as many articles as I feel will accomplish my objectives. In addition, there are no restrictions as to the total number of pages, figures, tables, or charts in each article, although I highly recommend about 30 double-spaced pages per article. Hopefully, half the articles will be written by German scholars and half by American scholars.
The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION is a blind-referreed, scholarly publication that presents a forum for academicians and practicioners in management and administration to share theoretical issues, as well as applications of concepts and theories, with their colleagues in the practitioner community. The Journal offers the broadest array of ideas to be found in any comparable publication.

I would like to invite you to write an article for the special symposium issue. Articles need to be formated into the Journal's style. These instructions are in the Marcel Dekker, Inc. web site or I can provide you with a hard copy of the manuscript guidelines.

You need to let me know as soon as you can if you plan to participate in this project. The deadline for providing me with a copy of your article is October 15, 2002. I sincerely hope that you will be able to be part of this important cooperative work between German and American scholars.

Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Administration
School of Policy and Management
College of Health and Urban Affairs
North Miami, Florida 33181
Tels. : (305) 919-5824 (Office); (305) 861-6512 (Home)
Fax : (305) 919-5848
e-mail: garciaz@fiu.edu


New German Book Series

The University of Birmingham Press is launching a new book series on "The New Germany in Context". A number of books in the series concern the GDR. For more information, visit the press web site.


GDR Books for Sale

Dave Reidy has a list of books on the GDR for sale. If your bookshelf is missing some classics, here's a chance to fill the gaps.


Stasi Findbuch Published

The LIT-Verlag has recently published the first of a series of guides to the Stasi archives. This one covers a wide range of material, ranging from captured Nazi material to public opinion reports. The details: Abteilung Archivbestände der BstU, Findbuch zum 'Archivbestand 2': Allgemeine Sachablage' des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit der DDR. Ed. Dagmar Unverhau. Band 4. Münster: LIT Verlag, 2001


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New Reading

New Books

Brinks, Jan Herman, Paradigms of Political Change. Luther, Frederick II, and Bismarck. The GDR on Its Way to German Unity (Marquette University Press, September 2001), 355 pages, ISBN 0-87462-680-3).

Grix, Jonathan and Paul Cooke (eds.), East German distinctiveness in a unified Germany (Birmingham: University of Birmingham Press, 2001).

Hough, Dan, The fall and rise of the PDS in eastern Germany, (Birmingham: University of Birmingham Press, 2002). The book is scheduled for publication in October.

John Rodden, Repainting the Litle Red Schoolhouse: A History of East German Education, 1945-1995 (New York: Oxford University Press, 2002).

Steininger, Rolf, Der Mauerbau. Adenauer und die Westmächte in der Berlinkrise 1958-1963 (München: Olzog, 2001, 411 pages.

Ulrich Pfeil (Hrsg.), Die DDR und der Westen Transnationale Beziehungen im Kalten Krieg 1949-1989 (Berlin: Ch. Links Verlag, 2001).


Joanne M. McNalley, "Shifting Boundaries: An Eastern Meeting of East and West German 'Kabarett'," German Life and Letters 54 (2001), pp.173-190.

Katherine Pence, "'You as a Woman will Understand': Consumption, Gender and the Relationship between State and Citizenry in the GDR's Crisis of 17 June 1953," German History 19 (2001), pp. 218-252.

Marilyn Rueschemeyer, "Frauen und Politik in Osteuropa: 10 Jahre nach dem Zusammenbruch des Sozialismus" in: Berliner Journal für Soziologie (special issue on Gender in Transition). Band 11(2001), pp. 7-18.

Elizabeth A. Ten Dyke, "Tulips in December: Space, Time and Consuption before and after the End of German Socialism," German History 19 (2001), pp. 253-276.

Helga A. Welsch, "The Elite Conundrum in the GDR: Lessons from the District Level," German Studies Review 24 (2001), pp. 19-34.


Recent Theses and Dissertations:

Hedin, Astrid, The Politics of Social Networks. Interpersonal Trust and Institutional Change in Post-Communist East Germany. Lund University, Sweden: Lund Political Studies No. 118. (288 pages) ISBN 91-88306-27-5. 2001. (Distribution here.)


SAPMO Bibliotheksbriefe

The latest issues of the SAPMO library's list of its holdings include:

  • #1/2001: Schöner unsere Städte und Gemeinden--Mach mit!
  • #2/2001: Gedenk- und Erinnerungsstätten der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung
  • #3/2001: Internationaler Frauentag
  • #4/2001: Fürstenenteignung 1926
  • #5/2001: Die sowjetische Deutschlandpolitik ab 1941
  • #6/2001: Architektur und Städtebau in der DDR
  • #7/2001: Jüdisches Leben in der DDR
  • #8/2001; Widerstand gegen den Nationalsozialiismus in Berlin
  • #9/2001: Sorben in der DDR
  • #10/2001: Ungarn 1956
  • #11/2001: Wolfgang Biermann Ausgebürgert
  • #12/2002: Das Gesetzbuch der Arbeit der DDR (1961-1966)
  • #1/2002: Volksbildung in Deutschland bis 1933
  • #2/2002: Zwangsarbeit in Deutschland 1933-1945

Randy Bytwerk can provide a photocopy for those find a particular issue interesting.

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Requests and Queries

Lois Weinthal, Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, writes: "I will be in Germany this summer for six weeks researching the relationship between architecture, interior domestic spaces and the way politics and economics have shaped these spaces in the former east Germany before, during and after the Berlin Wall. I would like to ask other members of EGSA if they know of any people they could put me in contact with who have access or are familiar with the large Socialist housing projects built in the 1970's such as Marzahn and Hellersdorf."

I would appreciate knowing if it is possible to do this. Thank you.

Keith Barrow writes: "I am currently preparing a dissertation on the effects of unification on the German media. I am contacting you to ask if you are aware of any journalists or academics in eastern German that I might be able to contact to discuss the topic with.
I would also be grateful to know if you are aware of any publications (including websites) that might be of use in such a study." Any suggestions?

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